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Sponsors, Donors, and Business Partners

Our special teams and non-profit, the "National Taekwondo Organization", have and are open to sponsorships, donations, and business partners from individuals, families, groups, organizations, and businesses. These sponsorships and donations help fund special events, develop special teams, and scholarships. A variety of sponsorship levels and options can be found below. To donate, become a sponsor, or request more information click here

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Founder and Board President:
Grand Master Lee Shik

Grandmaster Lee has studied Taekwondo for over 50 years and is a certified Grandmaster from Kukkiwon. Having studied under the founders of modern Taekwondo, Grandmaster Lee is one of the "2nd generation" Grandmasters, recognized as the successors to the founders. Grandmaster Lee has won several national sparring, forms, and board-breaking championships in Korea and the United States and coached many national champions. Grandmaster Lee currently sits on the board for ITSO, CMA, ATU and is the founder of the National Taekwondo Charity Foundation-Wheeling, which provides scholarships for promising young martial artists.

Master Lee is a world champion for Taekwondo in both sparring and forms several times over. 


Board Member:
Master Mark Tan

Master Mark is a 4th Dan black belt who has been teaching students since the age of 16. With over 30 years of martial arts experience, Master Mark's training extends beyond Taekwondo. This includes Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiujitsu, and Escrima. He currently leads our sparring team and has produced champions at the local, regional, state, and national levels. 

He is passionate about teaching others to be their best through various martial arts disciplines. Believing that martial arts is for everyone, he applies this philosophy when teaching and coaching. His students show a remarkable range of styles as a result, but all follow his strict teaching that Taekwondo is about honor and grace towards even rivals. 


Board Member:
Jennifer Simenauer

Jennifer Simenauer is a 3rd degree Black Belt and instructor at White Tiger Wheeling and Chicago. She has been with the school since its founding and has helped build the program and train hundreds of students. She first started Taekwondo in college and quickly fell in love with it and has continued into her adult life.

She is currently a member of the Poomsae (forms) team and has competed and won at local, state, regional, and national levels. 

On her free time she enjoys baking, traveling, and eating new cuisines. 


Board Member:
Edward Walrod (Do)

Edward Walrod (Do Woojeong) is currently a Black Belt at White Tiger Wheeling and Chicago. Born in Korea, he started Taekwondo in the ITF style at the age of 3 and continued to do so for over two decades, he competed at a national level for ITF forms and achieved his 3rd dan. As of 2018, Edward switched to the WT/Kukkiwon style of Taekwondo as a Black Belt and now competes in sparring. He has won several tournaments as a Senior Black Belt sparer at various levels as a member of White Tiger's sparring team under Master Mark Tan. 

Edward credits Taekwondo with keeping him grounded and using it as a medium for justice. In his free time, he loves reading, board games, and eating at all-you-can-eat restaurants until they kick him out for overeating. 


Board Members of National Taekwondo Organization

National Taekwondo Organization:
Board Members

We have various events and tournaments that offer great visibility for you and your business! Likewise, we offer year-round sponsorships, jacket sponsorships, scholarship sponsorships, etc. at various different levels and price points. Whether it is a large banner for an event, a continuous stream of Facebook and Instagram posts, or your name and logo on our iconic blue team jackets we are ready to work with you to maximize your visibility! Find out more about our sponsorship levels and benefits here. 

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Meet The Sponsors and Business Partners

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